Midtown Taekwondo

1. Instructors must always be addressed formally in the school as Mr., Mrs. or Miss, answering “Yes Ma’am or Yes Sir” when questioned. Personal relationships must always take a back seat to school protocol. If you are friends with an instructor, please wait until you are outside of the school before using informal conversation.

2. Instructor’s office is off limits. Do not enter without first asking permission.

3. Students must wear correct Taekwondo uniform and belt except by special permission.

4. Students must have clean bodies, trimmed nails and long hair gathered or in a headband.

5. White tee shirts may be worn under the uniform by female students only.

6. Trust the requests and judgments of your instructor(s) with respect to your Taekwondo training. Although reasons for instructor’s training methods may not be apparent, your instructor is more knowledgeable and has your best interest in mind.

7. Students should not be in the school if they have been consuming alcohol or drugs, or if they have a communicable disease such as “flu” or a fever.

8. Absolutely no smoking in school.

9. Students should take responsibility to help keep the school, dressing rooms, and restrooms clean.

10. Permission should be obtained before a student works out at another martial arts school. This is not an attempt at censorship, but rather a use of courtesy and respect.

11. When students do attend other schools they should treat all instructors and seniors as they would in their own school, keeping in mind that you are there representing your own instructors and school.

12. Do not ask your instructor when or if he/she will teach various material.

13. No gum chewing while in class or in the workout area.

14. Students should at “all times” be accountable to the tenets of Taekwondo.

15. If the students have a problem or suggestion that pertains to the center or to Taekwondo, you are encouraged to consult your instructor on this matter.

16. No matter how big or small, every question is important, so you are encouraged to ask. This is a big part of your learning and developing in Taekwondo.

17. The CTF is available on a 24/7 basis to help you at choongsil@outlook.com. 

Student Regulations