Midtown Taekwondo

Your Uniform

The traditional Taekwondo uniform was designed to allow you comfort and durability during your training. It is called a dobok and is worn proudly by all students of Taekwondo.

Dress When in Class – The complete taekwondo uniform is to be worn by students in every class unless a special dress day has been previously announced. It is the student’s (not their parent’s) responsibility to bring his or her uniform, belt and other items such as sparring gear to every class in order to be prepared to take part in all activities planned by the instructor. No jewelry is to be worn during class or other ‘dress out’ occasions. We do not wear shoes while training in the dojang. Female students may wear white tee shirts under the uniform.

Testing, Tournaments, and Other Formal Occasions – Only the traditional white uniform is allowed for these occasions. This uniform should have the Midtown Taekwondo patch on the right-hand side, the Choong Sil Taekwondo Federation patch on the left-hand side and any appropriate rank striping for the 1st Degree Black Belt and above.

Care of Your Uniform – Your uniform should always be clean, neatly pressed and in good repair. Use only non-chlorine bleach when laundering your uniform, as chlorine bleach will reduce its life. Never wash your belt!

Patches – The Midtown Taekwondo school patch is always worn on the right-hand side of your uniform. The Choong Sil Taekwondo Federation patch is worn on the left-hand side. Tournament patches are worn on the left sleeve. Check with your instructor before adding any other patches to your uniform. They will show you where to wear them.

Belt – There are pictures on our website that show you how to tie your belt. When the belt is tied correctly, the rank stripes should be on your right side.