Midtown Taekwondo

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Midtown Taekwondo was established in the Midtown Memphis Area in 2001.  It was originally located on Union Avenue and moved to the Evergreen location in 2005.  After 11 years in that neighborhood,  we moved to the current location at 2463 Poplar Ave.  We are the home of multiple national champions and international champions.  

Our program is designed to develop coordination, tone muscles, and develop both self-confidence and self-esteem.  Our program offers a wide array of classes for children as well as adults.  We offer a program in which the entire family can become involved and enjoy together.

Our Studio

Our Mission

Midtown Taekwondo serves as a support system to our community and the families involved in our program.  This support exists from the five year old child, who through his/her fascination with Taekwondo develops self-confidence and self-esteem, to the sixty-five year old student who gives hope and inspiration to us all.  

Our academy will always strive to offer positive reinforcement and support to our community and our students.  At Midtown Taekwondo, we are not only interested in teaching a self-defense and fitness oriented class, but also in the strong personal development of each student.