Midtown Taekwondo

Midtown Taekwondo is affiliated with the Choong Sil Taekwondo Federation (CTF).  The CTF is an association of Taekwondo schools from all over the United States.  It was begun and is led by Grand Master Robert H. Hardin, Ninth Degree Black Belt.  The CTF headquarters is located in a beautiful, lodge situated in the middle of the Ozark National Forest. 

When you join the CTF you will receive the association patch and become entitled to all privileges of membership.  The annual dues are $40.00 and are initially paid at the time of your first testing. 

In order to maintain high standards, the CTF certifies the results of all testing of its member schools and, upon determining that you meet its requirements for promotion, will award you a certificate indicating your new rank.  All certified and assistant instructors must attend CTF sponsored training classes and pass examinations to make sure that you receive the best instruction possible.  The training covers many different areas and continues even after an instructor is certified. 

The CTF also sponsors a number of regional tournaments each year in different locations so you may test your skills against those students of a similar age and rank from other schools.  There are always exciting events at the tournaments which are also fun to watch, such as special demonstrations and the competition in the Black Belt divisions.   

The CTF sponsors other special events such as black belt training camps and special seminars for the members as well as an annual Christmas Awards Banquet for its black belts.  

Choong Sil Kwon Taekwondo